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Sunday School 

Sunday School for ages 5-12 is held at the Children’s Center at 10:00 am. Follow the A-frame sign to see if the lesson will be in the courtyard or upstairs. These lessons usually follow a series of Biblical themes and include stories and fun activities or crafts. The children are brought back to their parents in time to participate in communion. Each year children are able to participate in dressing up in costumes for the Parade of Saints event on All Saints Day and the Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve.


This fall we are excited to start a new series, “The Messiah Promised.”  The stories will help children understand the promise passed down through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David to bring a Savior into the world. After that, we’ll detour into a mini-series on the Saints in preparation for All Saints Day, before we head into the holiday season. 


If you have any questions or feedback on St. Andrew’s Sunday School, please contact Michelle Schonken or the church office.





Youth in grades 6-12 are welcome to become acolytes, assisting the clergy during worship. Acolytes light altar candles, carry the torches and cross, present offertory plates to ushers, assist with communion preparation and, at special services when incense is used, handle the thurible. Typically, acolytes are scheduled to serve once a month.





St. Andrew’s Children’s Center

Open 6 am – 6 pm, Monday -Friday


Saint Andrew’s Children’s Center, an outreach ministry of St. Andrew’s Church, provides childcare and education for children and babies age 6 weeks through preschool. Our well-trained, professional staff members create a warm, nurturing environment where children and busy families thrive.


The Center is recognized as one of the finest child development centers in Orange County. We work hand in hand with parents to provide comprehensive child development services and support to families.


For more information please visit

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