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Creation Care Committee

Climate Connections Pilot Program

This summer St. Andrew’s Creation Care committee will be working on our disaster resiliency plan as part of the Climate Connections pilot program. If you would like to participate, please let Kathy Cartelli or Nick Baldasari know. We’ll have our first session in July and try to finish by mid-September. We’ll look at the disasters most likely to affect Irvine, create a communication plan for our congregation and look at how we as a church may be able to help our community if disaster strikes. If you can only participate for some of the sessions, that’s not a problem; we want your input so please join us.


Coffee Hour Composting

Organic waste in landfills is responsible for an estimated 20% of methane emissions and methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.


During Fellowship Hour, we are doing our part for the environment by composting our organic waste.

  • We have compostable cups for coffee, tea, and cold drinks, plates, and napkins.
  • Utensils and coated plates cannot be composted.
  • We ask that you put all the compostable waste in cardboard boxes and/or the Waste Management organics bin.
  • If you are bringing snacks, please use the compostable or reusable materials we’ve provided. Many of the items supplied by restaurants or bakeries are coated and can’t be composted.

  • You are also welcome to bring your own commuter cups.

Reducing Paper Use

Did you know that you can access the bulletins for our Sunday services online?

Here are the steps for an iPad or iPhone. If you have an android device, it may be similar.

  • In the Thursday email from St. Andrew’s (“This Week at St. Andrew’s”), there is a link to the bulletin under the “Upcoming Services” heading. Click on the “Bulletins are available for download here” link.
  • The same bulletin we will have on Sunday appears. On the upper right hand corner, click on the three dots, then click on “Make available offline”. You won’t need an internet connection to access it.
  • On Sunday morning, open Google Drive and the bulletin will be available there.

Creation Care Resources


Bishop’s Commission on Climate Change :



  • Nature Breaking (World Wildlife Fund)
  • Getting Through It (Dr. Lucy Jones)


  • Climate Forward (The New York Times; subscription required)


  • Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World by Katharine Hayhoe


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