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Members of St. Andrew’s may represent our church in local marches for justice.  These have included the Women’s March, Science March, Families Belong Together March, Gun Control March, Pride March, Black Lives Matter.


St. Andrew’s Peace and Justice Committee

Mission Statement

We strive to follow Jesus in the way of love by advocating for laws, policies, and practices that counter discrimination based on skin color, national origin, faith, economic status, gender identity, and who people choose to love. We also work toward minimizing our impact on the environment. We engage by voting, direct action, policy advocacy, mobilizing resources, and prayer.


The Committee is aware that we may not all be of one mind, but that we all share the Baptismal vow to “strive for peace and  justice.” We aim to embrace our differences and come together, learning from and listening to each other always. 


During 2022, the group discussed the materials in the “Sacred Ground” series from the Episcopal Church. These remain available for our use. For more information or to join the committee, please contact Kathy Cartelli.


Other helpful resources: 




Take Action Against Gun Violence

Since at least the 1970s, The Episcopal Church has resolved to support legislation that would reduce the risk of gun violence. More than a dozen times, General Convention has urged Congress to act to restrict the ownership, sale, and use of firearms, to do all it can to prevent gun violence…

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Voices of Justice

Jane Stoever views her service as director of the domestic violence clinic at the University of California at Irvine as holistic and transformative – supporting and empowering abuse survivors, teaching the law students…

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Black Owned Businesses in Orange County

Click here for a list of black owned restaurants, caterers, food, shops and services in Orange County.

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