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It’s easy to understand tangible opposites. We can turn right or left, go up or down, sink or swim.  But what about opposites in the spiritual realm? Many times we fail to recognize the spiritual battle taking place around us. Listen in as Pastor Neal finishes the book of Daniel and talks about being strong in the Lord.

Each of us are known for something. Some people are known as great parents. Some people are known as hard workers. Some people are known for their commitments or their downfalls. Throughout the book of Daniel, we see that Daniel is known for loving God. Daniel has a great prayer life and commitment to God. Listen in as Pastor Neal teaches through Daniel 9 and talks about how God answers our prayers. 

Daniel 8 seems like the story line for a Hollywood movie. There are scene changes, captivating stories, compelling characters, and mystery involved. Unfortunately, most people are too scared or confused to study it. This chapter draws us to the love of God and His ultimate authority in our lives. Listen in as Pastor Neal teaches from Daniel 8 and talks about how God is greater than all authority. 

Many set aside the book of Daniel when they get to chapter 7 because the content can be confusing, and they’re right. What we’re going to study in chapter 7 is confusing but scholars agree that this is the best chapter in the entire book. It’s a chapter of celebrating the greatness of God and His eternal reign. Listen in as Neal preaches from Daniel 7 and talks about how God is the eternal King. 

In Daniel 6 we read this about Daniel, “Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before” (Daniel 6:10b). Daniel was a man of routine. The only thing he could be accused of was of his commitment to God. Listen in as our guest speaker, Brian Berry, shares about big dreams and small decisions.

Think about the last bad night you had.  You might have lost sleep over a break-up, a sickness or horrible news. In Daniel 5, we read about a bad night in Babylon. Thankfully, there is a godly man who the king can call on for answers. Listen in as Neal shares about setting yourself on the side of God and worshiping the Lord with your life. 

In our selfish nature we each have a piece of us that wants a kingdom built around our personality. It’s the reason we’re in trouble with God— we want to build an empire while God wants us to help build His eternal Kingdom. In this message Pastor Neal talks about the grace of God expressed in the life of King Nebuchadnezzar. Listen in on Daniel chapter 4, and learn about how God is sovereign over all things. 

It takes courage to stand up to an evil power. Think of a time in your life where you stood up to a person who was doing something that you morally opposed. In Daniel 3, we see three men refuse to bow to a king’s statue. It was a matter of principle and not breaking the first commandment. Listen in as Neal shares about how to stand tall when others bow. 

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